In this project, I focused on “our planet” as our home and how it is treated (and unfortunately threatened by many). I chose to use a single blue pencil to draw a connection to the earth, which is called the blue planet, but also because blue is the main colour of a solar panel. Choosing to use just one pencil is also a nod towards sustainability.

My artwork consists of 66 collaged illustrations – each in the size of one single solar cell – that show some main human-caused impacts on the earth. Hence, I chose the slogan “Every act has an impact” to go along with it.

As often in life you really have to look into something closely – in this case you have to look at all illustrations attentively – to really understand the full extent of the impacts that seem to be rather small and how everything is connected as well. We all share this planet and call it our home, so we have to make a change for the better.

Laura Kleis