For the beginning of the Alternus Project, I started with visual research. I was particularly interested in the structure and patterns found in the solar panel presented to us in the studio. This led me to research the solar panels from different angles, from close-up pictures of the solar panels’ cells to viewing them in aerial photography. I was interested in how the solar panels formed grid-like patterns when seen from above in aerial photography. This was the inspiration for the checkerboard pattern in my design. I also looked at researching plant cells and the structure of plant leaves. I liked how they have a more organic shape in contrast with the straight parallel lines seen in solar panels. It was these aspects of research that got me inspired to look at organic and inorganic shapes.

The collages I created were composed of images of solar panels and plant leaves blown out of proportion. I took scans of these paper collages and brought them into photoshop where I further edited and distorted the saturation to create unique new designs. With these designs, I created circle cutouts that pop out against the black and white checkerboard background.

Erin Flood