I have lovingly worked into these pieces, creating colour, light and shadows with untouched information from articles and animals, in a digital form. I used birds in particular in an ironic way due to the term migration. Life on land is forcefully moved around or driven to extinction due to human expansion or pollution from companies, plastics and other. The birds/animals I have used in these artworks are endangered or are used for a purpose.

My main thought was how do businesses get away with all of it and still make all the money without a tear. My main aim is to work with pollution in context and when I thought about cooperating articles because it is a subject spoken about daily and they’re are so many. In doing this I’m using what has been said and showing information and news as an image background serving as a message or reminder.

The end pieces work with a number of themes or actions from the SDG’s and fit in with what I was hoping to have in the beginning stage of research. Using topics and themes Olafur Elisson and Jenny Kendler use in their artworks.

‘Rally of Saviours’ is a piece that is dedicated to saving the environment and articles based on helping or doing good.

Claire Moran